we are denying international law

we are denying international law

Azerbaijani MP Erkin Gadirli in Pace

Talking at a assembly of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Azerbaijani MP Erkin Gadirli touched on the situation of impunity for the calls and speeches of Russian politicians. He also drew the attention of European parliamentarians to the info of rape in Ukraine by Russian invaders. “We are at the stage of denying global legislation, its authorized nature”, Gadirli stated.

Erkin Gadirli, a member of the Azerbaijani parliament from the opposition Republican Substitute Bash, drew the attention of European parliamentarians to the impunity of Russian politicians who threaten the sovereignty of other nations.

Talking at a assembly of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, the deputy of the Milli Majlis also touched on the problem of rape of women of all ages and small children in Ukraine by Russian invaders.

“Various intercontinental crimes are currently being fully commited on the territory of Ukraine. Crimes from humanity, war crimes. Primarily based on reports coming from Bucha, Irpin, and in other places, we would be appropriate to say that there are grounds for recognizing some of these crimes as genocidal. But in addition to all this, there are crimes worthy of particular attention – these are rape cases”, mentioned Gadirli.

According to him, international crimes are divided into two types – “crimes in accordance to the intercontinental legislation and crimes towards international law”.

“The overpowering bulk of international crimes belong to the to start with group. People are the types defined by the appropriate global treaties – terrorism, illegal use of sure types of weapons, human trafficking, drug trafficking, and so forth. These are crimes according to intercontinental regulation.

Aggression is a criminal offense of its very own form. It is not a criminal offense in accordance to the worldwide legislation, but against worldwide legislation. It is based on a elementary denial of intercontinental legislation as a authorized phenomenon.

It is a person point if an individual is annoyed by the ineffectiveness of global legislation and we all know that international law is significantly from ideal, in reality really weak and generally abused by highly effective states. But the denial of the lawful nature of global law is absolutely different”, the Azerbaijani MP stressed.

“There is a word in the Russian language – “beznakazannost”. It is translated into English as “impunity”. This is a correct translation, but part of the which means of the word is misplaced in this article. “Impunity” implies that there either is no lawfully offered punishment – or there is one particular, but a person manages to escape it, or, for some rationale, is excluded from it. But alongside with this, the phrase “impunity” in Russian also usually means that there can be no punishment in principle. impossibility of any punishment in theory – both in the regulation, in morality, or even in the eyes of the public viewpoint.

Thus, we normally listen to from Russian politicians phone calls like “we will bomb Warsaw”, “our tanks will as soon as yet again be in Prague”, “Berlin will beg us”, “the Baltic international locations are pretend states”, and “Ukraine in no way existed”, and many others. A single of them, Mikhail Delyagin, a member of the State Duma, the lower house of the Russian parliament, went even further and mentioned that “Russia could, and even must, use tactical nuclear weapons from Azerbaijan”.

we are denying international law

Do you know why? Since Azerbaijan provides humanitarian assistance to Ukraine. These terms should not be explained so evenly and just. We are at the stage of denying international legislation, its lawful nature”, Erkin Gadirli concluded.